Change Communication Communities

SIMPLICITY in social change - strategy and success

Going beyond conventional approaches, Simplicity brings into focus the core principles of the strategic management, planning and clarifying monitoring and evaluation to facilitate visioning and efficiency in social impact.   

Kavita works with leading industry partners like Duke CE as an educator, facilitator and orchestrator. Her lead areas are culture, communication and change. 


SIMPLICITY in thought leadership - creating communities and spaces

 Biannually, at the London School of Economics and other leading global universities, we convene global thought leaders who are tackling common social challenges to foster collaboration, cross-sectoral synergies and communication across silos of expertise. Simplicity translates the core values and objectives of key stakeholders into a relevant, inclusive, efficient and accessible plan.  


SIMPLICITY in business

Based on 25 years of experience with companies and international development, Simplicity synergizes the core principles of organizational behavior, communication and business psychology to achieve the full potential of leaders and teams.  

Kavita is a Practitioner in Advanced training as an Organisational and Educational Psychotherapist deepening and expanding our work with transnational and multicultural groups.