Collaborate and Co-create!

Counselling and Coaching


Simplicity works in coaching with leaders as young as 17 to CEOs and change makers to enable deep exploration of PURPOSE, VALUE and ACTION. We are particularly keen to work with individuals leading social change. We recognise that in todays world this is no longer the sole domain of charities or social workers. We are all change makers!  



Simplicity is particularly keen on working with people who are involved in making local change happen. In our experience the best model for this is mentoring. We have a wide global NETWORK of mentors looking to share their experiences and engage with you. We are just a Skype/ Zoom/ WhatsApp/ FaceTime call away!



Simplicity has over 25 years experience in INTERCULTURAL facilitation. Working with client-driven norms and values. Simplicity are experts in working with varied groups to enable purpose driven outcomes. We believe in the power of storytelling. Connect to learn some of our stories!

Leading Learning


Simplicity offers a range of learning workshops on CULTURE transformation and COMMUNICATION. We are experts in making change happen, behaviour change communication,  media in a change process and organisational culture. We have evidence, insight and a deep knowledge of human behaviour. Look forward to connecting!

Leading Change


Simplicity knows change is complex and  multilayered. Through our SIMPLICITY PRINCIPLES we believe that with rigour it can be simplified. We help leadership drive change from a deep understanding of behavioural psychology and norm change, We takes an experiential, co-creative approach to change management by creating a movement(s) for change. What to learn more? 

Our Process


We work with a bespoke 1-2-1 model of what works for our clients and ourselves. We do not believe one size fits all. We invest significant  energy in the DESIGN phase in partnership with clients. We believe this is transformative to our engagements. We bring experience, evidence and insight and explore what we can build together. Look forward to see you soon!