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RNW Media and DataYarns - Netherlands, UK

Mid Term Evaluation of Youth facing  Digital platforms in 11 conflict and fragile states including China. 

London School of Economics and Political Sciences - UK

Bridging Theory and Practice in the Media and Social Norms collaborator 

The Columbo Plan - Asia Pacific

Capacity Building Organisational Assessment, Womens Survivors of War, Afghanistan. 

Women for Women International

Review on Representation pathways for marginalised women survivors of conflict 

UN Women

Advisor - Using twitter data to complement surveys on attitudes towards violence against women: A case study in Brazil

Duke Corporate Education

Intercultural coach, trainings as an educator, facilitator and orchestrator.  Lead in intercultural work, women in the workplace and identity. 



Dr Evangelia Berdou, Founder and CEO, Data Yarns

"In addition to the wealth of experience, Dr Abraham-Dowsing brings to the team both flare and practicality, which is a difficult combination to pull off."

Dr Caroline Harper, Head of Programme, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, ODI, UK.

"I found the meeting very stimulating.  It reminds us that perspectives on norm change – even within the same disciplinary approach – are also uniquely different and contested.  It also reminds us that absorbing the implications of disciplinary perspectives takes considerable time.  Importantly learning how to interpret behaviors is vital, but the best we can do is give people a range of options as to how norms may change so they can draw on that which is most relevant to them in their particular contexts and moments in time. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this learning group.

Amanda Noonan, Strategy Director, Social Impact, Frog Design

"For me this was a wonderful introduction to a community working at the edges of academic rigor, depth of experience and a pragmatic, inclusive approach to a growing solutions space.  Personally, I am keen to dig deeper into the possibilities offered by the bridging of behavioral science and human-centered design, particularly understanding motivations, trust and influence with ecosystems as a basis for appropriate, impactful and sustainable design and use.  The MSN Collaborator will provide a great place of experience exchange and collective action. I sincerely hope to have the opportunity to participate and contribute in future."

New Offer!

Business Psychologist practice!

Excited to share that we are now offering a business psychologist practice @ simplicity. This includes 121 coaching, counselling, facilitation and orchestration. I have worked face to face and often over technology platforms. 

My work with leaders and change makers is grounded in identity, organisational and intercultural work. I work with senior leaders of large professional teams, small entrepreneurial teams, and family practices. I am particularly interested working with women leaders in change and in transition, navigating multiple, shifting identities.  In my practice I work with emergence and immersions, roles and perspective taking and explore the games people play through the lens of Transactional Analysis. @kavitaabrahamdowsing.

Find out more @collaborate/our offers

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